Journey of Surgery

AI Based Communication Platform For Patients

About Journey of Surgery

Journey of Surgery is an AI-powered communication application that facilitates informed and shared decision-making between patients, families, and surgical teams. The initial focus will be improving experience and outcomes for children undergoing surgery.

Problem We Are Trying To Solve

A lack of clear, understandable, culturally sensitive, and contextually relevant communication between patients and physicians results in 60% of serious adverse events in medicine. Medical errors, medical costs, decisional regret, and decisional conflict can be decreased through optimized communication, leading to improved patient outcomes. We aim to develop Journey of Surgery (JoS), an AI-powered application that will optimize communication between pediatric surgical teams and the families of children requiring surgery.

There is a growing interest in the surgical community for improved communication and increased patient-centered and patient-partnered care. Currently, no AI-powered applications for optimizing communication throughout the surgical process between patients and the surgical team exist. Moreover, the concept of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) has been shown to improve patient outcomes through multiple steps within perioperative care in adult surgery, but has not been widely adapted to children, nor does it include yet the risk communication process needed to decide on the surgery.

Our application will take a patient-centered and patient-as-partner approach to bridge the communication gap in surgery, allowing “precision communication” with patients and their families. It will do so by accounting for patient demographics and communication preferences, and provide just-in-time, contextually relevant information in a personalized and comprehensible way to promote informed decision-making and improve patient experience, as well as quality of care. JoS is in the pre-seed stage, planning and idea validation has been completed, and we are currently working on incorporation and development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which is expected to be completed by August 2021.

Business Timeline

Dobson Cup

February 2021

Semi Finals - Health Track

Participating in Dobson Cup Semi-Finals.

Dobson Cup

March 2021

Finals - Health Track

Participating in Dobson Cup Finals.


March 2021

Validation Program

We have been accepted to the D3 validation program.


April 2021

CLIC Competition

Participating in CLIC competition.

McGill X-1

June 2021

X-1 Accelerator Program

Participating in McGill X-1 Accelerator Program.


November 2021

Conference Pitch Competition

Participating in BioTEC Conference Pitch Competition.

Road Map

Onboarding the Developers

Actively hiring developers and onboarding them to the project.

Backend Development & UI/UX Designing

Starting the Backend development and designing the UI and UX of the web, iOS and Android applications.

Frontend Development

Starting the Frontend development of each module. Finishing the Surgical Team Panel. Focusing on the mobile applications.

iOS and Android Applications

Continue developing the mobile applications and testing process

Functional MVP

Starting the applications lunch and the optimization process.

AI Integrations

Collecting data and building AI and ML models.


Our MVP contains several key features. A risk communication module to facilitate shared-decision making. An ERAS principle in Pediatrics. Also an AI recommender system, that provides multimodal information based on the patient’s needs, preferences and feedback. The users will have access to features relevant to where they are in their surgical journey, and will always be able to directly and securely communicate with their surgical team.

About Us

Dan Poenaru MD PhD


I’m a pediatric surgeon who discovered recently that research is my true love and maybe even raison d’être… I am passionate about good communication in surgery, putting the child and the family in the center, and equity in surgical care globally.

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Elena Guadagno MLIS


I’m a Research Project Manager working with the pediatric surgery team at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Prior to this, I worked as a senior librarian at the MUHC medical library. My career started in managing and designing Library Software.

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Mohsen Amoei


Mohsen is an experienced Data Scientist and AI Researcher with a demonstrated history of working in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence projects. He is skilled in Mobile Application Development, Artificial Intelligence, Image processing, and Data Mining.

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Parsa Bandamiri

COO - Head of Marketing and Design

Parsa Bandamiri is a Master of Science candidate in Experimental Surgery at McGill University. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from McGill University, Parsa’s current Master’s concentration is on surgical innovation.

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Michelle Cwintal

COO - Head of Operations

I have always had a passion for linking technology and medicine to come up with innovative solutions for clinical problems. Throughout my studies, work experience, and clinical research, I have developed a variety of skills, including expertise in life sciences, computer science, biotechnology, data analysis, and finance.

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Hamed Ranjbar

COO - Head of Communications

Hamed graduated with a BSc Honours degree in Human Anatomy and Cell Biology and is currently enrolled in a Masters of Science specializing in Experimental Surgery, both at McGill. His research focuses on the uses and limitations of AI in Surgical Education.

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