Hamed Ranjbar

Montreal, Canada


Hamed graduated with a BSc Honours degree in Human Anatomy and Cell Biology and is currently enrolled in a Masters of Science specializing in Experimental Surgery, both at McGill. His research focuses on the uses and limitations of AI in Surgical Education.

Over the years, Hamed has amassed a diverse set of experiences related to the healthcare field. These include industrial knowledge with Charles River Laboratories, clinical experience as a First Responder and patient caretaker, as well as research experience working for a multitude of different academic professors. Currently, he is working for Optima Sante Globale, a telehealth company where he mitigates crisis situations for clients in distress.

In addition to his background in all things Science and Health, Hamed has an audacious entrepreneurial spirit as he comes from a family of entrepreneurs and business owners. Familiar with the setbacks and failures that inevitably occur with startups, Hamed is not afraid to face those challenges head on. His knowledge in the world of healthcare and business makes him an excellent resource for JoS as an operations manager, as well as his role in the startup as a whole.

In his spare time, Hamed enjoys cooling off by swimming, skiing, and drawing.